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Together for good care



The Corona virus Covid-19 is now widely known to us. Yet we also like to pay attention to this, in us, but also in your interest! Help us protect the weakest among us by paying attention to the following:


Notify us in advance of the following symptoms:


  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • muscle strain

  • Sudden loss of taste or smell


What are we doing?


-Hand hygiene: we disinfect our hands before and after each visit


-Mouth mask: is part of our standard equipment today. This is replaced after every shift and we always wear a new mouth mask for patients with the above symptoms.


-Specific material: When we treat or suspect a patient with confirmed COVID-19, we always use an apron, mouth mask, glasses and gloves. We place these in a closed plastic bag in a safe place at the entrance door of the patient. We put these on when entering and put them away safely before leaving


-Our workwear is washed daily at 60 ° C and we wash thoroughly according to the guidelines when we get home from our working day.


What can you do?


-Place disinfectant at the front door / entrance hall

-Put on a mouth mask when you open the door for us or when we enter

-Wash / disinfect your hands before and after our visit

- Air the rooms regularly before and after our visit

-If covid-positive / quarantine: provide a place where we can safely lay our specific material (out of reach of children / pets)

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