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What can we do for you?


Every nursing job is performed to the best of its ability.


These tasks include:


  • Hygienic concerns : this is one of our basic concerns that does not require a certificate from the GP. We use the KATZ scale for this, which we use to listen to your specific care needs and together with you we look at how we can meet that care need to the best of our ability.


On prescription from a doctor:


  • Wound care : minimal or very complex, we always aim for optimal results.

  • Injections : in any form, including insulin, including vaccinations

  • Application of compression stockings or support bandages : we are familiar with every type of compression therapy .

  • IV therapy : e.g. in the context of osteoporosis, Magnesium deficiency, chronic iron deficiency, ...

  • Application of (medical) ointments

  • Ostomy care

  • Sondage

  • Bladder washes


  • Weekly preparation of medication

  • Palliative care

  • ...


Availability :

  • 7 days a week

  • Available 24 hours by phone (between 10 pm and 6 am only in emergencies)

  • Morning and evening tour

  • We work with 2, week by week so that you are always served by the same familiar faces



We have joined the third party payer system. This means that the payments for all treatments (including hygiene care) are transferred directly to us by your health insurance fund.



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