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Together for good care


We approach each patient centrally and in a holistic way within our nursing field: a person, with all his physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. As a reference nurse for palliative care, both through training and through years of practical experience, we came into close contact with all these aspects.  

Through continuous training, we enrich our practical knowledge and through practical experience we learn daily about things that no training can teach us.  

We consider what “doing good for someone else” means and discuss this with our patients and with the other healthcare stakeholders.  Whether it concerns professional providers, family members or informal carers, we always do this with respect for the wishes and privacy of our patient. This can take the form of multidisciplinary consultation, but also informally by simply approaching us through a chosen path. The range of contact options is enormous thanks to modern media.

At Sorgsaem, we encourage self-care above all else. After all, what you do yourself, you can do better! We are happy to help you (re)learn actions.

As a team, we are always available and we commit ourselves to provide every question with a sound professional answer as soon as possible.

We are always available for palliative patients, 24/7.  Depending on the request for help, we will arrive on site as soon as possible.
For other patients we can always be reached between 6 am and 9 pm. In exceptional circumstances and after consultation, we can also stand by for these patients.



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